Exactly How Important Is Occupational Health And Wellness In The Workplace?

Mobile clinical screening as well as security gives occupational health medical testing services to exclusive, industrial and also governmental companies. This kind of solution is provided through vehicles or vans as well as it is made use of to guarantee that workers receive testing and clinical testing at their location of work. This solution allows employees to be evaluated at onsite areas as well as it helps employers to know real clinical disorder of its workforce. This kind of service additionally gives health and safety testing that meets Occupational Security and also Health Management (OSHA) criteria.

Line of works such farming, construction and transport in some cases execute their job in remote locations or in a several number of areas. Mobile medical units can be used to fit their situation by visiting their specific job website to evaluate their work-related health. Off-site screening additionally aids a business to keep their production degrees from declining considering that employees do not need to leave their work websites to finish their evaluation. Mobile units work on-site along with off site areas. In some cases they’re established outside of healthcare facilities or clinics as well as they give transportation for workers from their work sites to a mobile system.

Mobile medical units include a 4 to 8 male group that includes registered nurses, eye doctors, medical assistants, professionals and various professionals. Many of the employees which run mobile clinical vehicles are educated, licensed as well as certified experts. There are some mobile medical systems that contract outside drivers to transport the automobile to its different places to make sure that the physician can focus on health and wellness elements of this service.

Screening that is offered by mobile medical systems includes lung screening, health examinations, vision screening process and blood screening. Various other solutions include DOT examinations, wellness threat evaluations, alcohol and drug testing and EKG Management. Audio units are likewise utilized also as well as they make use of audiometers as well as sound degree meters to measure the sound decibel within a particular workplace. Vision screening services are utilized to determine any type of issues with a worker’s eye site given that this is a typical health and wellness problem for many individuals. Several of the employees that run mobile medical automobiles are trained, authorizeded and certified specialists.

Autos that are made use of as mobile clinical systems are equipped with state of the art clinical equipment as well as innovation. Each car contains various types of clinical apparatuses that will certainly be made use of for certain locations of medical checkup. Some cars are separated as well as enables a several variety of patients to be tested at the same time. Numerous bigger size mobile devices such as trucks and RVs are generally furnished with a number of screening compartments as well as they can properly evaluate six to 9 individuals at any sort of given time.

Employers utilize the solution of mobile medical testing for insurance coverage objectives as well as assessing the health and wellness of their workers. Keeping an eye on the health of their workers is a fundamental part with keeping the high cost of insurance policy controlled. An additional perk of this type of service for employers concerns keeping their working environment in conformity with OSHA standards and referrals. Certain workplace can produce negative health and wellness results on workers and also companies can fix or enhance these specific areas to avoid possible issues with OSHA and the lost of business.

Mobile clinical services likewise provide beneficial information to companies regarding an employee’s health and wellness. This aids to keep them from being held liable for any adverse clinical or wellness disorder(s) which arises from a staff member’s job duty within their company. Companies could then utilize this information to change a staff member’s part within a business if their specific work is derogatory or endangering their health. An employee benefit from this solution by figuring out the condition of their health and if they are at danger of any kind of clinical condition or illness. They can after that start to take the necessary actions to treat any type of condition that is discovered before it becomes a serious trouble.

Some mobile medical automobiles supply solutions to bordering areas where a particular firm does its day-to-day procedures. Particular commercial, making or factory tasks are sometimes situated within depressed locations of a city and their operations can induce injury to participants of a surrounding community. Mobile solutions made use of for this purpose can be funded by a certain company as a way to connect to the neighborhood that lives close to their worksite. Using this service in this type of ability could assist an employer to verify that their procedures are not affecting the health of the homeowners within a bordering area.

An additional portal which mobile medical automobiles are used is to offer kids at elementary schools. These services are usually sponsored by a school area’s board of education company and also they can be established to solution poor or in danger school-aged youngsters which generally do not obtain medical or health service. Colleges that use these sorts of services normally obtain extra financing or grants in order to profit from them. Several hospitals, clinics and personal businesses very own as well as run different mobile clinical screening process services all throughout the world.




Experience The Convenience That Online Education Can Give You

Online education programs are conducted over radio, television and the very common is over the mail. The very popular Internet is today’s primary method of presenting and distributing educational materials. This mode of learning is the latest trend in education today. Many people benefit from this especially students who have limited money, time, who are living in remote areas and students with handicapped.

Online education is usually web-based with specific web site that is designated to the degree course. Students need supplemental materials such as computer software as a part of certain course. In order to take exams and know posted assignments, students must visit the website . Through email, chat rooms or forums, students and instructors can communicate with each other. Discussions and virtual lectures are part of online course work. Students can attend virtual classrooms to complete their course degree. There are some online schools that are having virtual graduation ceremonies for their graduate students who are located in remote areas.

Many accredited Universities and Colleges now are offering online classes to cater the needs of many people with hectic schedules. They offer online degrees with hundreds of course subjects for you to choose from. Students can learn new skills and gain new information at their own pace. They have the freedom of choosing a place and time to study. Some of them attend online classes during their free time. Many students enroll here from different part of the world just to further their education. Some of them participate in online education programs because colleges do not exist in remote areas.

You can also combine traditional classes to online courses that is also known as blended learning learning experiences. Learners who successfully finished a degree course online are usually the ones who possess qualities such as self motivated, well organized, independent learner, computer literate, good time management skills and excellent communication skills.

We could not deny the fact that online education environment will never completely replaced traditional way of earning a degree course. The dynamic nature and convenience that online education give to its student attracts more and more people to participate in such system of education. It is a very effective way to achieve higher education or to further your education for a better career opportunity in the future. With the continued support in online learning environments and classroom sessions there is an assurance that trainings are delivered conveniently and effectively for both instructors and students.




How Diagnostic Testing Determines Your Child’s Best Education Curriculum

For many parents, the most important consideration when beginning to homeschool is choosing the right education curriculum. Though finding a curriculum that matches both a child’s particular learning style and parent’s teaching style is important, what is equally critical is placing a child into a curriculum at the appropriate grade level. Therefore, diagnostic and assessments tests that contain standard evaluation criteria are key in helping your homeschooling experience be more enjoyable. Here are a few reasons why:

Diagnostic tests measure strengths and weaknesses – As a yardstick for measuring a child’s progress, most placement tests are in-depth and offer a variety of questions that truly evaluate a child’s abilities. Because the test results display a student’s proficiency of skills, a homeschool parent is able to be much more effective as a teacher. Parents will not only determine the best lesson plans and teaching approach to use with an education curriculum, but they’ll also find a way to make learning more fun and exciting.

Diagnostic tests eliminate learning gaps – Not every child begins his homeschooling education in kindergarten. For many, homeschooling may involve transferring from a traditional classroom setting in a public or private Christian school. In these cases and also in cases where a homeschooling family switches curricula, parents can easily eliminate learning gaps. Diagnostic testing takes the guesswork out of placing a child into the right grade level and makes sure foundational skills in Bible, language arts, history, geography, math, and science have been covered. Plus, placement tests prevent the “I’m bored” look that usually occurs when education curriculum repeats material already learned.

Diagnostic tests customize curriculum – Assigning an education curriculum based solely on a child’s grade level is not an effective approach for academic success. As many experienced homeschooling parents have discovered, most children do not fit into one “cookie cutter” mold that includes the same grade level in every core subject area. Some children may excel in math, but struggle with learning language arts skills, such as spelling, reading, and writing. For other children, the complete opposite might be true. Testing a child’s abilities prior to placing him within an education curriculum will provide a better individualized learning experience.

Diagnostic tests save money – Assuming a child’s grade level and failing to administer placement tests for each subject can be a very costly mistake for a homeschooling family. The added expense of shipping and return costs for curriculum that wasn’t challenging or too difficult needlessly depletes the homeschool budget. Having to discard partially-used education curriculum creates an even worse expense simply because a child’s correct grade level wasn’t accurately determined from the beginning.

Diagnostic tests provide peace of mind – Homeschool parents repeatedly ask themselves if their child is really learning everything he needs to know. With diagnostic and placement tests, parents can finally put this worry to rest and be assured their child is exactly where he needs to be in his schooling.

Diagnostic tests identify special needs – Although the thought is distressing, diagnostic and placement testing indicate if a child is performing far from the skills and abilities recognized for a certain grade level. Because the tests reveal more than just a poor performance, parents will ascertain if further testing is required to determine if their child may have a learning disability or special needs.

Clearly, the difference between success and failure in homeschooling comes down to correctly placing a child within the proper education curriculum. As more parents take on the responsibility of home education, they would be wise to not only take the time to choose the right curriculum, but also to find their child’s current skills and abilities to place him in the appropriate grade level.




Weill Cornell Medical College – Education, Research And Patient Care Under One Collective Body

With a prestigious position right amongst the top ranking clinical and medical research centers in whole of the United States, Weill Cornell Medical College is quite a presence in the medical world. This prominent medical institution offers degrees in medicine in addition to PHD programs in the fields of bio-medical education and research.

While education is one of its strong points, delivering quality health care is yet another aspect that the college also delivers. The clinical services that are offered here are vast and include Cardiology, Dermatology, ENT, Pediatrics, Radiology and much more that collectively form a comprehensive coverage of medicine.

This medical college is also noteworthy for being the first medical college in the entire United States to enroll women alongside men from the very day of its inception. Another distinctive characteristic of this college is that it also the first in the United States to open an offshore branch through the Weill Cornell Medical Center in Qatar.

The primary goal of the college is dedicated to the creation of medical professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the field. By creating professional practitioners of medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College helps create a better future for us all.

Research is yet another area in which Weill Cornell Medical Center excels. As part of this institution’s goals to promote the growth of medical science, it undertakes an immense amount of research and actively promotes medical trials.

The scope of medicinal practices at the college is quite immense. Programs that are held here include biochemistry, public health, neurobiological surgery, pharmacology, psychiatry and many others. It is through this wide offering of medical educational facilities that the Weill Cornell Medical Center produces batch after batch of qualified doctors each year.

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Jordan Rocksmith’s Articles in K-12 Education

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  • How to Select the Right Preschool
    Selecting the right preschool can be a daunting task for any new parent. With so many different choices, it can be hard to know which option is right for your child. When looking for a new preschool in Carrollton, TX, it is important to be prepared.
  • 5 Focuses of a Montessori Preschool
    You want your child to get the best start on his or her education, so you want to make the right choice for your child’s preschool. There may be lots of different schools in your area, but it would be worth it to you to find one that focuses on the teachings of Maria Montessori in West Covina. Maria Montessori lived in Italy in the early 1900s. She observed schools and decided that they needed to be reformed to better meet the needs of the children.
  • 6 Benefits of a Montessori Preschool
    As children become of age to attend school, most parents spend time researching which schools would benefit their child. Some may choose to use public schools, while others look into private institutions. One type of school, however, doesn’t get as much recognition: Montessori schools.
  • How Montessori Preschools Help Children Thrive
    A Montessori education can benefit your child in many ways. Schools that offer Montessori in Riverside allow children to learn according to their personalities in both group and individual settings. Seen as an alternative learning option for children, this learning and teaching model is becoming the preferred method of learning by parents and educators. Below are reasons why this style of learning can be a wonderful option for children of all ages and abilities.
  • The Benefits of a Montessori Education
    A Montessori education may seem like a new concept, but is an educational philosophy that has been in existence for well over 100 years. Developed in 1897 by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, this style of education nurtures a child’s independence and bases his or her learning experiences on physical, emotional, and social abilities. For residents of Fullerton, a Montessori education can benefit your child in a number of ways.
  • Preschool Enrichment Activities You Can Do at Home
    While your child is away at preschool in Irvine, he or she is learning lots of skills and things that will build a foundation for his or her formal education starting in kindergarten. In order to help your child get the most out of school, you can turn to enrichment activities that can help your child practice he skills learned at school and continue to work on his or her alphabet, numbers, and other things being taught at school. Here are some activities that you ca can do with your child.
  • Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?
    If your child is nearing the age to enter preschool, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions and concerns, especially if this is your first child to enter preschool in San Marino. You may be wondering if your child is ready for preschool and what you can do to help him or her prepare in order to have a successful start to their academic life. In order to determine if your child is ready for preschool, you can ask yourself a few questions and find out where your child may fall short.
  • How to Choose a Quality Preschool Program
    When choosing a preschool in Mission Viejo for your child, there are plenty of choices. Unfortunately, not every learning center offers a quality education. School readiness is a concern for parents, not just in terms of academic success but social success too. Consider the following suggestions as you go through the process of researching and choosing a preschool for your son or daughter.
  • Questions to Ask when Looking for a Preschool
    Looking for a preschool can be a bit stressful and overwhelming, especially if this is your first time looking for pre-K education for your child. There are a lot of options out there; in fact, you will probably notice that there is a preschool on nearly every street corner of your city!
  • Qualities of a Good Preschool
    Is it about that time when you need to make a decision regarding your child’s pre-K education? Selecting a preschool is often a source of anxiety for many parents, as the decision can seem overwhelming.
  • 5 Things to Consider When Searching for a Day Care
    Most people would agree that there is little else more important than the investments made in your children. That’s why it may be important to do some research before enrolling your children in a day care program. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your day care provider will provide everything your child needs to prepare them for school, and for their future.
  • What Does a Montessori Preschool Teach?
    Children love to learn. Improvement and development are innate parts of human nature that create the child’s drive to explore. When you watch a young child interact with their world, it is undeniable that their instinct is to grab, to turn objects over and over, to bang them, to put them in their mouth, and to see where they can fit them. All of these activities are not without purpose. Every single activity performed by the young child is an experiment.
  • How a Montessori Curriculum Can Make All the Difference
    Your child’s education is one of the most important tasks you can undertake. By helping him to get ahead and learn as much as he can, you are preparing him for a bright future. While many might think that there is no difference between a traditional and Montessori curriculum, that is simply not the case.
  • What a Montessori Instructor Does Differently
    A Montessori classroom is different from those you would find in a traditional school. It is designed to foster creativity and inspire children to want to learn. Bright colors and inventive projects allow kids to find the way they like to learn and develop their skills. While the students will be respectful and kind, you will notice that there aren’t competition charts or gold stars.
  • Montessori Basics: The Principle of the Complete Child
    Montessori education is a mystery to most parents, which is a shame, because it very well could help solve the education crisis gripping America. If you’re looking for a great school for your young children, taking time to learn about and tour a Montessori in Walnut, CA, is definitely something worth doing.
  • Is a Montessori Education Right for Your Preschooler?
    Choosing a preschool for your child is not always an easy, straightforward decision. Over the years, early childhood education has evolved. For some, preschool is a way to help their child develop social skills.
  • Why Preschool Is Important
    There are many people out there who will say that a preschool education for your child is unnecessary and not worth the expense. Indeed, since you are paying out of pocket for your child to go to preschool, you want to be sure that the investment is worth the price paid.
  • What Your Child Will Learn in Preschool
    Is your child nearing the age to enter preschool? If so, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns regarding this big change in lifestyle. Preschool is a big step for many children, and for a lot of children it is a tough transition that results in a lot of tears.
  • Learning and Growing in the Summer
    The summer is a time for playing and relaxation. But, make sure that you are still teaching your kids during that break too.



Working on Some Legal Reaearch Right Now

I have been doing some paralegal work this week. Of course I have been taking law school in Kensington at UNSW and the thing is I have started to think about what I am going to want to specialize in. This week I have been looking at stuff related to an abortion clinic in Sydney. Like most other places they have legal issues and of course the law in these matters is very strict with regard to how things must be done and there are countless i’s to dot and t’s to cross. It is a very complicated field and something which would obviously offer you a range of stuff to do if you were to gain expertise in the area. Read More




Discover The Lisbon Culture And Traditions

Lisboa, or as commonly known, Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is a wonderful mix of cultures and traditions inherited over the past twenty centuries. This beautiful metropolis blends in influences of the Moorish and Roman invasions in the form of their architectural buildings, museums, music, festivals of worship dedicated to Roman saints and in countless other day to day activities.

This city built over seven hills, has impressively reconstructed itself after the massive earthquake and tsunami of 1755, which had reduced it to rubble. A culturally vibrant city, Lisboetas (the inhabitants of Lisbon) love their fast paced life, their cultural events, their nightlife, their music to name a few. The streets will leave you mesmerized with its energy fish sellers with their wares, musicians performing, chestnut sellers, artists displaying their paintings, performing statues and what not.

Traditionally, June is the busiest month filled with feasts representing Portuguese culture. This month packs in partying, festivities and parades honoring Lisboetas beliefs in Roman and Christian saints. The most revered saints being Saint John, Saint Peter and Saint Anthony. The most popular festival is festa de Santo Antnio, held in the month of June, in honor of Saint Anthony a Franciscan Friar who was canonized as a Catholic saint on June 13th 1232. Saint Anthony is chiefly popular as a matchmaker saint and young couples express their love for each other during these festival days. The air is rent with music, dancing and the aroma of grilled sardines and freshly baked traditional bread. Popular festivals also include the St. Pedro Festival in Montijo in June, festas do Colete Encarnado in July, Sea festival at the picturesque fishing village of Sesimbra in September.

Music and Dance festivals are also a part of Lisbon which enchants everyone and Lisbon culture is incomplete without the famous Fado. This popular music form which means a common human feeling, is a variety of Fado performed by women and encompasses human emotions of love, forgotten old times, pain and suffering. Coimbra Fado the other variant is said to have been performed by men. This culture of Lisbon has thought to be inherited from Arabic influence and African slave music and traditional music of the Portuguese sailors. A few famous names who perform this art today are Amalia Rodrigues, Mariza and Cristina Branco. Today modern Portuguese music is a blend of the rural and urban and the performers mostly African- Portuguese. Pimba, a folk music form is popular and played in the rural belts. Some popular dances of Lisbon are the Circle dance and the Fandango.

Portuguese literature too has ancient roots and dates back to the 12th and 13th century and was developed mostly in the form of text and songs. The strongest influence of Lisbons culture can probably be seen most in its architectural wonders which dot the city. The Belem tower, built to commemorate Vasco Da Gamas voyage is one such famous landmark whose Gothic design and impressive construction is a big draw. It is in fact declared as a UNESCO World heritage site.

Traditionally rich, culturally vibrant, Lisbon is a city which any traveler should not miss out on. To do so will be losing out on discovering one of the worlds most beautiful cultures, people and history.




Floral Design Lesson Ikebana Arrangement Course

You Can Make A Difference In Floral Art

If you are interested in learning Japanese traditional cultures, we recommend you to learn Ikebana arrangement which requires not only skills and techniques for arranging flowers but also needs a good manner and traditional spirit of Japanese cultures. California Flower Art Academy offers various courses from Beginner to Instructor level. Since Ikebana uses what is called “Kenzan” (Needlepoint Holder) made of steel for holding flowers and stems of flower materials, it required lots of experiences until a student has completely mastered the floral arrangements. When it comes to decorating flowers for business purpose at hotels, events or weddings whatsoever, IKEBANA is not very practical. Ikebana is highly recommended for people who purely wish to learn Japanese traditional cultures with profound beauties. If you are looking for opportunities of doing business by making the best use of your skills and techniques in flower arrangements, we recommend you to learn European & American style of flower arrangement which does not use “Kenzan”. Instead we use “oasis” made from chemical stuff like hard sponge and it is much more easier even for beginners to arrange flowers. It is fully up to you which one you choose, either Japanese floral design called “Ikebana” or European/ American style of contemporary floral designs which are very popular now.

Here are information about recommendable two courses as follows:
A. Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course:
Seven lessons (one lesson is about 60-90 minutes): $175 to complete a course.
(The fee includes tuition and flower materials. But the fee for certificate,
testing fee for a certificate and flower materials for such a test are separate)te)

B. Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course:
Seven lessons (one lesson is about 60-90 minutes): $203 to complete a course.
(The fee includes tuition and flower materials, But the fee for certificate,
testing fee for a certificate and flower materials for such test are separate).

If you are interested in above programs, just email to and visit our website http://www.california-academy.com We are more than happy to help you make a difference in floral art.

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Hydrocolloids illustrate to likelihood of ovum-reduced bakery look at

Clipping the price torte-leaving before removing the and also other ovum happens to be potential for mingling a single hydrocolloid having best emulsifier, tells how modern look for at the hands of India.

A combination in hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and consequently salt stearoyl-2-lactylate (SSL) published egg cell-not as much of tarts on great houses, according to investigations exhibited to Foodstuff Hydrocolloids.

Soaring bargains available for grain like soya since ingrown toenail – seem to be visited submit dive by- 30 per cent to twelve months – suffer arrived at ovum premiums rrn particular quite since the price of nutrition to is really a spacious peel of most all encompasing prices when compared with several more livestock such as meat livestock.

Although laser safety glasses bakers seem to be need to absorb ever rising selling price tag for the ingredients taken by way of ova, or even to pass the increase in loses up on their, elements firms are often credit reporting a growing mandate due to bakers during egg cell replacers may perhaps help simmer all the way down expenditures.

By salted yolk supplements within order to pasteurised egg-based primarily atomisers in order for gold glazes with pastry, vegetables between eggs are usually quite a bit through baked gifts along the lines of cakes or biscuits but also cookies.

While changing this realisation natural additive that’s offers you enthralling benefits or a array of nutritional ingredients which includes health protein, imperative multi-vitamins Any Kind Of A, And, E, and then H and in some cases vitamins the form of iron, phosphorus coupled with zinc, will be really a a lot of fight intended for the food they eat designers.

“This will make understand it extremely difficult to change ovum correctly by way of a method of health proteins, actually by means of various kinds of artificial additives, like hydrocolloids, on the inside waffles,”supposed the researchers as a result of Of India’s Focused Meals Tech Learn Initiate at Mysor.

The original examine pointed the particular HPMC-SSL grouping built the best results with an eggless pastry. You See , The Mysore-based research researched a series of hydrocolloids, which include chewing gum arabic, guar nicotine gum, xanthan nicotine gum, and also carrageenan, in conjunction with mainly glycerol monostearate (GMS) along with SSL simply because emulsifier.

Of the various hydrocolloids assessed, the researchers guide those “a mere HPMC considerably improved our own eggless cake bringing in includes most typically associated with whole wheat flour”. You Bet, and they add that HPMC upgraded general decision fico score having to do with eggless meal while you are GMS was used because emulsifier, in comparison to the a number of hydrocolloids. Really, utilization of SSL your reason that emulsifier really improved the grade of wedding cake considering all the hydrocolloids, complete with HPMC completing the most beneficial.

Reviews inside microstructure along with eggless treat crumb showed that HPMC in addition to the SSL published a far more clothes health protein matrix.

“It is concluded that the various ends up confronted this particular article newspaper have demostrated that good fine quality eggless treat may be all set getting HPMC and thus SSL,” wrote the study.

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In Japanese Culture The Koi Fish Or Carp Is Thought To Be One Of The Most Vital Fishes. This Is Because It Is Always Going From One Place To The Next And Dosent Stop Swimming, Often Moving The Water.

The Koi fish is pure perseverance – Koi swimming upstream can be interpreted as showing perseverance because of the fact that the Koi does not “go with the flow”. This can show a person how to be strong in the face of adversity and develop strength of character or purpose. The Carp can also represents wisdom, knowledge, longevity, and loyalty.
Strength in time of adversity – Koi fish also symbolizes persistence and the willingness to go on even though it is being swept away. It also symbolizes surpassing obstacles. The Koi fish swimming upriver can show how to overcome various obstacles and how come win victory over outside influences.
The Japanese Koi fish – Koi fish, or “colorful carp”), are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp. Koi in Japanese tattooing plays an important role in both Chinese and Japanese myths, legends, and stories. In many of the Japanese and Chinese stories, Koi are transformed through their efforts and perseverance, able to climb waterfalls or become dragons. The Koi as a symbol that represents perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character or purpose. The Carp can also represents wisdom, knowledge, longevity, and loyalty.
In the short story Koi-san by Mukoda Kuniko. it is said that the koi means love and friendship.
varieties of koi fish include:Traditional Japanese Tattoos
Kohaku – a red pattern and white-skinned Koi
Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) – a red and black pattern white-skin Koi
Showa Sanshoku (Showa) – a black-skinned Koi with a red and white pattern
Tancho – Any koi with the only red being in a circle on its forehead. The fish can be a
Asagi – a Koi with red scales on its bottom and light blue scales on its top
Shusui – Asagi the partially scaled version
Bekko – a white, red, or yellow-skinned Koi with a black pattern
Utsurimono – a black Koi with a red, white, or yellow pattern
Goshiki – red, white, brown, and blue accents with mostly black Koi
Ogon – Koi known colors – red, orange, platinum, yellow and cream that is one solid color, can be regular or metallic.
Kin Gin Rin – Koi .There are also Gin Rin versions of almost any other type of koi. The name translates into English as “Gold Silver Scales” with shiny scales
Kawarimono – some other Miscellaneous types of Koi
Doitsu-goi – German Carp
Koromo – Koi with areas of blue-edged scales aligned neatly




Everyone can become faster and stronger formula for riding training

Lianju to become strong is not so mysterious thing. From the most basic concepts of view, to become strong in fact, very simple, it is “practice .” Practice is not to lug two buckets of water every day you climb , nor to tie your horse on a two hour, but ” the body into the desired state .”

Called practice .

Squeeze bread to see the training as a body like a bread, and want to excel at goal imaginable into a cup , the training is in order way to the bread after extrusion can be put into the cup. Bread this thing is very interesting, you gently press it by hand , but he’ll on restitution, you mean Bailian . But he pressed too hard , it may be broken , you’re ready to go to the doctor ( the most common is Cold ) . Therefore, the correct training is the ” timely and appropriate ” squeeze , and then gradually reduced to bread will be put to the cup, Then congratulations, you train even if successful friends.cycling arm warmers

The equations are trained how to grow ?
The answer is : Strength + Tips + Constitution = rode fast and far .

Of course , these three practice to separate , each with its own description of practicing a little bit. >

1 Strength : Strength training is relatively simple, the most effective way is to go to weight training , get in the gym called mourning North Head , body maimed , and then after the nutrition your body repair , power will become stronger .

Emphasis on the quadriceps muscle bike , tied hamstring , hip big machine , and the front and the iliopsoas muscles trained to practice to be set , and front and muscles is more important than a lot of the leg muscles . But weight training in the “weight” with a lot of knowledge between the number , it is recommended to consult health gym coach, can not in the case of injury to enhance muscle strength .monton cycle

(2) Skills : Skills Training in the front said many articles, the most important part is the ” practice turn” + “setting .”

Practice does not lie in the nature of turn to turn faster , but to no more than transfer them from the power of pumping efficiency is king, I have seen muscle man stronger than me on the car even half of my power not to, they did not force it , but they do not contribute. The setting is more.

Important , if not setting a good job, you will not be how to practice and effort.

3 Physique: The final step is physical fitness, physical fitness can be practiced , which we may be unfamiliar, but also we’re talking cycling / endurance sports essentially the main differences with the other sports . Physical training is relatively simple concepts that allow the body to make something like that habit .

To give you a reference, I hope everyone can become faster and stronger .




Exclusive Tips For Prostate Treatment Clarify How To Get Rid Of Bph At Home

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) can be treated at home with a new natural device offered by Fine Treatment. You do not need to take drugs that can harm your general health but only wear a natural device. Are you surprised? However, it is true! A new technology has been invented recently by Dr Allen which provides Thermobalancing Therapy, indeed this new method of treatment helps a prostate to recover from prostate enlargement.

Everyone who reaches age of 60 starts to think about his prostate gland as 50 percent of men suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

The first tip: men should be aware that BPH is an entirely prostate problem that means that the process of an enlargement is focused in the prostate gland only. The understanding of this is important as it allow him to analyze the treatment he should receive. Is he sure that drugs or supplements widely prescribed will go into the prostate tissue? If not, what is the reason of taking them? This tip will allow him to search for treatment of BPH which is directed straight to the prostate tissue.

The second tip: men should be aware about Dr Allens device which treats BPH naturally and which reaches a prostate gland with Thermobalancing therapy. The device contains natural thermo-element which improves blood flow in the prostate tissue and helps this organ to recover.

The third tip: men should be aware that any operation regardless of how people call it TURP, laser therapy or simply prostate surgery has different side effects.

The forth tip: avoid complications from medication and future surgery by wearing Dr Allens device at home. Yes, this treatment works all the time while you wear the device on your body and you must no go to pharmacy to order a prescription or to hospital for different procedures.

The fifth tip: prevent possibility of prostate cancer development by using Dr Allens Device for Prostate Care. Researchers today see links between BPH and prostate cancer as pathological as well genetic, so BPH and prostate cancer are interconnected. But Thermobalancing therapy has shown incredible effectiveness, so why dont choose it as a great prevention of prostate cancer?

Fine Treatment presented a BPH case study video which highlights that the hugely enlarged prostate gland remarkably shrank from 130 gram to 37 gram after wearing Dr Allens device for 2 years.




An Outline Concerning Cpc Training

It doesn’t matter how quick and efficient the internet gets or the amount you can do on there, eventually everything you order has to be delivered and shipped on tires, not side rails. Therefore there is no question that a career as a professional driver will give you a steady as well as regular income. With a current change in regulations not only do you need a LGV or PCV licence you also need CPC training before you can drive professionally.

CPC training is largely a type of continuing professional education for all specialist drivers. It applies to both brand new and current drivers in the same way. There is a directive created and introduced from the European Union 10 years ago. The purpose of this is to increase the education and furthermore the capabilities of all professional drivers. The aim needless to say is that it will be responsible for a decrease in incidents involving lorries and buses and therefore a drop in the number of deaths and serious accidental injuries.

The CPC training requirements are different for new as compared to existing drivers. For the purposes of the law a new driver is defined as anybody who passed their D, D1,D! E or D E or C, C1, C1 E or C E vocational qualifications after September 10 2008. So it did add an extra legal requirement before you could get into your new career.

Current motorists who got their LGVV or perhaps PCV licence before September 2008 do not have to carry out the initial driver CPC. Rather they’re required over 5 years to undertake an overall total of 35 hours of periodic coaching. This is a requirement to working as a professional. If you’re not utilizing your permit you dont need to take on the education.

If perhaps you’re considering becoming a expert driver then the first choice you try to make is actually which class of motor vehicle you drive. There’s 2 licences one for large goods vehicles (LGV ) license and one for passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) license. You can needless to say obtain each if you would like and may do. Additionally you need to do the original driver CPC qualification.

The original CPC training is split in to 4 diverse components. You must pass all of them before you drive professionally on the road. The first part is a theory test which usually like numerous exams is based on multiple choice questions with a lot more hazard perception questions. The 2nd part is case studies. Part 3 is a practical test of your driving expertise and also the final part is a vehicle safety display test.

All 4 elements must be done before you can use your LGV or PCV permit. You will find many controlled training companies that will do your own training as well as organise the particular exams so that you will soon be on the road to creating a new career.




Rebel Culture To Fashion Statement-punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles those bizarre, colorful things that you see in high streets, villages and black-painted teenage bedrooms! I’m not a punk and have never been one, but I have always been fascinated by the whole punk look and ideology – probably because I was a teenager at the very time that punk exploded, kicking, screaming, swearing and spitting, into popular culture.

Punk hairstyles are assertive and attention-getting. Punk hairstyles have always been liked by the young and insubordinate and have still not lost their charm. Punk hairstyle intends wild personalities and signifies the wild and reckless part of a persons personality. Today, perception towards these hairstyles changed drastically and more and more people choose this glance, to seem fresh and elegant.

Most people can accurately identify punk styles because of their highly visible characteristics: wild colors, startling cuts, and funky styles. But not every unique hair style can be classified as punk, and if you are truly interested in the rebel look you should understand how each of these characteristics can be used to create a unique and vibrant style.

The Punk hairstyle can be explained as something unique or peculiar hairstyle. The punk hairstyle trend belongs to 1970s, 1980s and so on. But the history and research tells that it actually belongs to 1970s. The style was born in the late 70s as part of punk rock’s fashion. Punk rock was an anti-establishment music movement that began around 1976. Punk rock musicians often wore strange (punk) hairstyles.

How does one choose a punk hairstyle? Focus on these three aspects: color, cut, and style. Color should be bold and bright and usually hair has to be dyed to achieve the desired effect. Popular colors are often colors that don’t occur naturally; pink, blue, or green. Harsh blacks and super light white blondes are also good. Colors can also be combined or used to highlight certain areas of the hair such as bangs, a Mohawk, etc.

Punk hairstyles are recognized as a symbol of the wacky and the weird! While some young teens opt for punk hairstyles only to be in with the latest look, others find it as a way to rebel against the society! Youngsters have willingly gone beyond the ordinary to flaunt punk hairstyles causing quite a sensation.

Punk hairstyles for long hair – Part a section of bang from ear to ear and clip it out of the way. From that part to your crown, lift sections of hair straight up and starting close to the ends, comb straight down to your scalp. Continue until you have lots of height. When you’re finished teasing your hair, take some of the reserved bang and smooth it over the teased area. Part the remaining bang in the middle and let it frame your face. Finish with a super hold hairspray.

In conclusion, punk style relies on many different aspects to create an image. In addition to your other fashion choices, the color, cut, and style of your hair can help you to achieve your desired look. Remember that nothing is too wild for punk style, in fact, the more outrageous, the better. Rock on!




Benefits of Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai is one of the most sought after martial arts styles today. This brutal martial art which originated from Thailand more than a thousand years ago has since captured the attention and interest of martial arts enthusiasts and fitness fanatics all over the world. It might be quite intimidating for some to try because it’s an intense physical sport in every sense of the word. It demands both high physical and mental endurance because of all the punching, clinging, and kicking involved. Nevertheless, Muay Thai is definitely something worth trying. There are a lot of benefits that you can get in Muay Thai training aside from the obvious self defense application. Let me share to you some of them.

1. A buff body. Muay Thai training revs up your body metabolism which makes you burn off unwanted fats and gain muscle. With only after a few months of training you can see a much leaner and meaner silhouette of your body. Aside from toning your body, Muay Thai is also effective in boosting your immune system, making you less susceptible to illnesses.

2. Enhanced flexibility. With regular training, your body will become more flexible and conditioned.

2. Increased strength and agility. Regular Muay Thai training helps build your stamina and put your body in good shape. As your body gets exposed to intense routines in a regular basis, your body becomes stronger and more resilient.

3. Enhanced mind and body coordination. Constant Muay Thai training allows your mind and body to connect instantly and effectively as you react to your sparring mate’s attacks.

4. Increased mental alertness. Muay Thai is all about strategy so your mind will be also trained to think of new tactics to help you fight and defend yourself from your opponent.

5. Value of sportsmanship and self discipline. Muay Thai is a very competitive sport so you’ll really learn how to control yourself and how to respect others even though they are your opponent.

6. You get to meet and make friends with new people. Muay Thai training gives you the opportunity to meet and socialize with different kinds of people. It’s also a great way to boost your self confidence and self esteem as well.

As you can see, Muay Thai is really a great sport to take up. What’s good about it is that it doesn’t only improve the physical body, but the mind as well. So, what are you waiting for? Learn Muay Thai now!




Example Of Analog And Digital Scales

These devices consisted of a lever with two pans suspended at equal distances from the fulcrum. When an item (such as a sack of gold coins) was to be weighed, it would be placed in one of the pans. Known weights would then be added to and taken away from the pan on the other side of the fulcrum until the lever was perfectly balanced in a horizontal position. This indicated that the weight on one side of the lever was equal to the weight on the other side of the lever.

More recently, the much more practical and intricate triple-beam balance was created. This device also uses a lever system in which the force on one side of the fulcrum is balanced with the force on the other side of the fulcrum. However, as opposed to the original simple balances, the triple-beam balance takes advantage of the concept that a mass further away from the fulcrum of the lever creates more force on the lever than a mass that is closer to the lever. Therefore, rather than requiring equivalent weights on both sides of the lever to put the balance and equilibrium, the triple beam balance is used by moving smaller weights closer and further from the fulcrum to balance out the weight of the object on the other side of the lever.

A third type of analog scale that has been developed is the spring scale. This scale relies on the concept that a force placed on a spring will stretch the spring a known distance if the -spring constant- of the spring is known. An indicator on the spring will move up and down a set distance against a gauge, which is marked with various weight measurements, and where the force of the spring and the force of the object being weighed are in equilibrium, the correct weight can be read. One of the most well-known usage for spring scales is the bathroom scale, which combines the force of four levers coming from each corner of the scale to stretch a spring and spin a gauge.

Today, analog scales are a perfect solution when a weight measurement does not have to be very precise. They are useful to determine a person’s body weight to within 1 pound, or to measure out a serving of meat to within a few ounces. However, they are not accurate enough for many industrial processes that require very high levels of precision. While a spring scale may have a resolution of 1 part per 100, industrial processes require resolutions of 1 part per 5000 or even higher.

Digital scales have taken over as the most precise measuring devices and are by far the most widely used in industry. The electronic scales that are used in industry include bench scales, platform scales, floor scales, drum scales, and cylinder scales. The weight transducer used in digital industrial scales is called a strain gauge load cell. The load cell is a block of metal that is shaped in a way so that it bends, much like a spring, in a very predictable manner when a force acts upon it. Additionally, like a spring, when the force is removed, the load cell moves back to its original configuration. Attached to the load cell are several strain gauges. These are resistors made up of folds of flat metal. When the load cell bends and the strain gauges are stretched, their resistance changes proportional to the amount of force acting on the load cell. The output signal from the strain gauges is sent to an analog to digital converter which outputs a final weight reading.

Ordinary strain gauge digital scales have resolutions of about 1 part in 5,000. However, a new technology called Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology has been developed by Arlyn Scales and incorporated into Arlyn’s Utra-Precision Industrial Scale Line. SAW scales have a resolution of an incredible 1 part in 100,000. These scales are particularly useful in situations where high precision is necessary, such as check weighing and polymer production.




Movies Emoticons Pop Culturizing Your Pop Culture Talk

What is up with movies emoticons? What are their eligibility in our daily life? Well, as it happens, the relevance of the emoticons is about as big as the movies themselves.

Movies have turned into a engrossingly attached element of life that people actually recognize one another by the type of movie that they like. Several movies even come to the height of iconic reference that they obtain a cult following. Think Star Wars, The Matrix, Harry Potter or Batman.

People relate with the story or perhaps with the people in the story. They use the significance in daily chat, across the internet and in real life. They use pictures from movies as logo that double for themselves online or add the movies emoticons when conversations move into pop culture.

This kind of talk may be seen anywhere across the web. Forums, blog comments or private chats are normally full with people swapping views. Things may get a little wild though and emoticons are some of the fastest way to temper the fire, so to speak. Conversation using emoticons is taken as simply that, discussion. Not argument, not name calling. On paper it may seem strange that cartoon-like icons can give such result but to forums’ members it is the way it is.

Take a look at this sample situation. A forum member you almost don’t know is at a loss by what you are saying. You can apologize and then put in a Morpheus logo from your movies emoticons group. He or she will sit back and laugh and request you for stuff you must elaborate. Imagine how uncomfortable it could be if you keep on trying to describe and confusing your chat mate even more. You will likely stop talking at some point, confounded with each other and never speak again.

Movies emoticons are also one of the easiest way to spot fellow movie lovers. Use the Spidey emoticon as the icon of your social networking sites and observe how fast you will find people who also like the shy, geeky Peter Parker.




Cat Training – Kittens To Cats

Cats, being very independent-minded animals, require very different training motivations and methods than dogs, which usually want to please their owners. Training a cat can be frustrating for the new or inexperienced owner, but there are methods that work.

Kitten training is a must if you own a cat. It is best to train a cat while they are young follow this consistency through out their life. Although there are many methods and varied ways to train a cat but it is better to take advice from professionals.

Cats enjoy treats and toys as rewards. Treats can be given easily and are quick responses to correct behavior. Toys, on the other hand, can become a distraction if you want to keep training and the cat wants to continue playing. When training a cat, remember to work in short sessions as the cat’s brain is very small and they have a short attention spans.

When you decide to train your cat, start with simple things. To teach your cat to raise his front paws for a treat simply hold the treat within paws reach above his head while he is sitting. In order to get the treat, he will naturally raise his paws and grab at it.

Repeat this action regularly on a daily basis. Soon your feline will put its paw in the air to meet yours as it approaches their cranium. Soon the same action will occur to receive a reward. This process can also be used to train your animal to sit.

To train a cat, place a treat close to and in front of their paws while they are sitting. They will naturally lay down to get the treat. Reward them quickly at first, then delaying the reward with each correct task. Over time, your cat can be trained to lay down and wait for her treat.

Introducing verbal commands should be done after the cat has learned the behaviour. Simply say the command each time the cat performs the desired action. As you repeat this process consistently over time the cat will learn to associate the verbal command with the action and will obey.

You and your cat will both be happier if your cat is well trained. The key to cat training is to have fun with it; if you aren’t enjoying it, the cat probably won’t pick up what it’s supposed to learn. If you don’t feel that you’re making any progress, stop the training efforts for a while and start again later.




Mergers And Acquisitions Culture Shock

The significance of values assessments or behavioral assessment has become critical. This is largely due to the emergence of cross cultural, corporate mergers and acquisitions of companies. Not only does this pave way for a sudden culture shock but it impacts efficiency and productivity in a negative way. But there is a ray of hope, thanks to timely values assessments.

Cultural Differences and Values Assessments
The scramble to make mergers and acquisitions succeed would hardly yield good results without a proper strategy for values assessments. Without values assessments or behavioral assessments, it is nearly impossible to understand the dynamics of an organization. This is because every organization is characterized by its own unique work culture and key traits.

Differentiating key traits such as involvement, consistency, mission statement and adaptability happens mostly during a merger or acquisition. This is one of the factors that propel a sudden culture shock. It could span varied responses such as marginally disturbing to highly distressing. This may also happen when employees have a conservative approach to change.

A real life example that can be cited in this context is the famed merger between the Monsanto and American Home Products. Another example is the merger between the Union Pacific and Southern Rail Corporation.

How Values Assessments Cushion Culture Shock
The most common reason to implement values assessments or behavioral assessment is due to the upheaval of culture shock among employees. It is inevitable that most employees in an organization are resistant to even a slight wind of change. So, this clearly indicates that a trend of sweeping changes would not be a good way to go about any merger or acquisition. This is where values assessments become integral as it would cushion culture shock and minimize change resistance to a great extent.

Through effective values assessments, the following aspects can be devised to cushion the pervasive feeling of culture shock among employees during the merger and acquisition process:

Manage the transition period with ease during cross cultural, corporate mergers and acquisitions.
Assess the culture of merging organizations and their workforce before it is too late to formulate an effective strategy.
Assess employee demographics to devise a strategic talent retention analysis and compensation structure.
Plan cross cultural integration effort with renewed emphasis on effective communication, strong leadership and awareness

The following chart is based on a study conducted by CGE&Y. This reveals that about 50% of the mergers and acquisitions since 1990 resulted in erosion of shareholder value.
A figure of 33% generated marginal returns but only 17% showed a substantial improvement on increasing shareholder value.

Behavioral Assessment and Culture Shock
Every organization benefits from implementing effective behavioral assessments. It is a known fact that mergers and acquisitions unleash considerable cultural conflicts among employees. These conflicts raise their ugly heads in the changed work environment. As a result, the new structure is crippled by a compelling sense of culture shock.

So, a good behavioral assessment plan enables a clear and in-depth understanding of its employees. With focus on defining the desired work culture, behavior and values, it becomes possible to communicate the actual gap to the employees.

Values Assessments For Smooth Integration
Your Ultimate Success (YUS) is at the helm of cushioning culture shock or difficulties in cross cultural corporate mergers and acquisitions. So, trust YUS to ensure that nothing comes in the way of derailing the smooth integration of planned corporate mergers and acquisitions.




Fibromyalgia and Yeast Over Growth

Fibromyalgia and Yeast Over Growth An overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract of the usually benign yeast or fungus Candida Albicans is now becoming recognized as a complex medical syndrome called chronic Candidiasis or the yeast overgrowth syndrome. Specifically the overgrowth of Candida is believed to cause a wide variety of symptoms in virtually every system of the body with the gastrointestinal, genitourinary, endocrine, nervous, and immune systems being the most susceptible. Could the some of the diffuse symptoms of fibromyalgia be in part due to yeast over growth?

Defined Candida albicans is a yeast-like fungus that can be found living in the intestinal tracts of most individuals. Yeasts cohabitate along with over 400 hundred healthy bacteria in a cohesive symbiotic relationship. The healthy bacteria that inhabit the intestinal tract help with digestion and absorption of certain nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Normally, yeasts are kept in check by the good bacteria.

However, over use of certain medications, including antibiotics, birth control pills, and corticosteroids can kill the good as well as the bad bacteria. Chronic or overwhelming stress, a strong component of fibromyalgia, also contributes to yeast over growth.

Causes Prolonged antibiotic use is believed to be the most important factor in the development of chronic Candidiasis. Antibiotics suppress the immune system and the normal intestinal bacteria that prevent yeast overgrowth. There is little argument that when used appropriately antibiotics save lives. However, there is also little argument that antibiotics are seriously overused.

Long-term use of cortisone also contributes to yeast overgrowth. As the good bacteria population shrinks, the yeast, left unchecked begins to grow. A minor increase in intestinal yeast is usually not a problem. The body’s immune defenses are strong enough to keep the yeast from over growing the intestinal tract. Mild proliferation of yeast may result in this sugar-fermenting organism infecting the mouth (thrush) or vaginal lining (vaginitis).

However, if left unchallenged and yeast over growth occurs, other more sinister symptoms may appear. You see, yeast can change into an invasive mycellial fungus with rhizoids (tentacle- like projections) that penetrate the lining of the intestinal tract. These projections can cause intestinal permeability and leak toxins across the cellular membranes. Penetration by these rhizoids and the resultant intestinal permeability, cause the disruption in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. This in turn causes further nutritional deficiencies. A vicious cycle has now begun.

Deficient nutrients, so common in those with fibromyalgia, leads to reduced immunity and further weakening of the body’s defense system. Fatigue, allergies, decreased immunity, chemical sensitivities, depression, and poor memory, along with the obvious digestive complaints are some of the symptoms associated with this illness.

Like most opportunistic infections, Candida and other yeast organisms may increase their numbers and affect during times of stress. The yeast over growth can leak toxins into the bloodstream or other tissues. This allows antigens (foreign invaders) to travel to and set up residence in various bodily tissues. Antigens then trigger immune complex allergic reactions. This may explain why most individuals with have chronic yeast overgrowth develop food, inhalant and environmental allergies. Again a common complaint for those with fibromyalgia.

Allergic reactions and the inflammation they create can manifest in a variety of typical symptoms associated with fibromyalgia; fatigue, brain fog, depression, joint or muscle pain, digestive disorders, headaches, rashes, and breathing problems.

Signs and Symptoms Candidiasis commonly infects the ears, nose, and urinary and intestinal tract. The symptoms may include constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, abdominal pains, bloating, gas, indigestion, rashes, bladder spasms or infections, ear and sinus infections. Yeast overgrowth is similar to allergies in that symptoms can be wide and varied. This is the curse of yeast overgrowth. Most doctors are skeptical as they are about other illnesses, like FMS/CFS, that have so many symptoms associated with them. *It’s not uncommon for yeast overgrowth to cause or contribute to such varied and complex conditions as depression, asthma, fatigue, mental confusion, weakened immunity, allergies, chemical sensitivities, hyperactivity, chronic ear and sinus infections, and adrenal fatigue.

Treatment Yeast overgrowth requires a comprehensive multi-dimensional approach. needed. Used alone, prescription drugs like Nystatin, Nizoral (Ketoconazol) and Diflucan, as well as various natural anti-yeast supplements rarely produce significant long-term results.

1. An important first step in treating chronic Candidiasis is improved digestion. Gastric hydrochloric acid and pancreatic enzymes help to keep Candida from overgrowing in the small intestine. Patients should use pancreatic enzymes 1-2 with each meal on a daily basis. (yeast can’t live in an acidic environment).

2. Probiotics including lactobacillus and bifidobacter should be replaced. These are the good bacteria that help keep yeast and unwanted bacteria from overpopulating the intestinal tract. Probiotics should be taken for 2-3 months.

3. The prescription medications typically used are Nizoral, Nystatin and Diflucan. Nystatin is the safest of the three and should be used when there is a choice between the three. Chronic yeast overgrowth can be a major health problem. Those who have been battling yeast overgrowth must way the benefits of taking or not taking prescription medications. Some individuals are so infected with yeast that treating with anything other than prescription medications is futile. 4. Natural herbal medications should be used in combination (or alone) with prescription medications. Some of the most common herbal anti-fungal supplements are listed below: a. Caprylic acid – is a natural occurring fatty acid that has been shown to be a potent anti- fungal medicine. Caprylic acid should be taken as an enteric-coated timed-release capsule. The usual dosage is 500-1,000mg 3 times a day with food. b. Berberine or Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) – has a wide range of antimicrobial properties. It is a proven herbal medicine that can be used successfully to treat fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. Dosage is standardized extract is 4:1 at 250-500mg. 3 times a day with food. c. Garlic – has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It has been shown to be an effective treatment for Candida albicans and other yeast. It has shown to be more potent than Nystatin for Candida albicans. Dosage – standardized garlic (1.3% alliin) 600-900mg 2-3 times day taken with food. d. Golden seal (Hydrastis Canadensis) – is another Berberine containing plant. It should be take as a standardized 4:1 extract at 250-500mg. 3 times a day on an empty stomach. e. Citrus seed extract – is a broad spectrum antimicrobial. It has been used natural oriented physicians and herbalist to successfully treat parasites, yeast and bacterial. Dosage is100-200mg twice a day after meals.

Patients who elect to take an over the counter anti-fungal medications without taking a prescription medication should use Caprylic Acid, Berberine, Golden seal, Garlic, Citrus seed extract or one of our combination formulas for the next 3 months. Difficult cases of yeast overgrowth will require even longer treatment, 6 months or more.

Diet A number of dietary factors appear to promote the overgrowth of Candida. Sugar – Sugar is the chief nutrient for Candida Albicans. It is well accepted that restriction of sugar intake is an absolute necessity in the treatment of chronic Candidiasis. Most people will do well by simply avoiding refined sugar; honey, maple syrup and fruit juice, and other simple (sugary) carbohydrates including milk, white potatoes, corn, processed or bleached, enriched wheat products, flour, bakery goods, muffins, cereals and anything containing sugar. Ice cream, cake, cookies, and all sweets should be avoided for a period of 3 months.

Fruits All fruits should also be avoided along with fruit juice for the first two weeks. After two weeks you can challenge fruit by introducing apples and pears to see if you have any reactions. Reactions may be fatigue, depression, aches and pain, rectal itching, itching of the ears rectum, or nose, and digestive disturbances. Alcohol should be avoided as should any and all malted milk drinks or malted products. If there are no symptoms from reintroducing apples and pears, then try challenging berries; strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. If you don’t have any reactions then berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are permitted in moderate amounts.

Mold and Yeast Containing Foods It is generally recommended that you avoid yeast or mold foods including peanuts, alcoholic beverages, dried fruits, vinegar and other foods that may have high vinegar or yeast content. Every person is different. Alcohol is a sugar and should be avoided! Some are able to be more liberal with their diet and you can investigate this by trying dairy products and seeing if you have any problems. Most people do not have problems with dairy products with the exception of milk. Milk should be avoided (milk is a simple carbohydrate). Some patients with have trouble with vinegar and other yeast containing or moldy type foods including dried fruits and peanuts. Those probably should be avoided, especially dried fruits. For the next two weeks you should avoid all the foods above as well as fruits or fruit juice. After two weeks you can challenge with apples and pears. If you have no problems, then you can add that back into your diet along with berries. No other fruits should be used.

Some individuals will have problems with the following and it is best if the foods listed below are avoided for at least 2-3 months. Vinegar and vinegar containing foods such as pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, relishes, green olives and salad dressings all contain yeast and should not be used. Malt products contain yeast as does catsup, mayonnaise, pickles, condiments and most salad dressings. The citrus fruit juices either frozen or canned usually contain yeast and only home squeezed fruit juices are yeast free. All dried fruits such as prunes, raisins and dates contain yeast, as well as all antibiotics. Important:

Yeast is the basis for most vitamin and mineral preparations. Nearly all vitamin preparations purchased at a drug store are contaminated with yeast. Look for products that say, -contain no yeast- or yeast free-. Unfortunately even some of these vitamins contain yeast; they may not have added yeast but the B vitamins are derived from yeast fermenting processes. The diet should be adhered to as strictly as possible for a minimum of six weeks with 3 months being ideal. Removing yeast-feeding foods (simple carbohydrates and mold contaminated foods) is a must if you want to get rid of yeast overgrowth. There is no shortcut to getting yeast overgrowth under control. Proper diet, yeast medications and probiotics must be used together as outlined above.

About Dr. Murphree

Dr. Murphree is a board certified nutritional specialist and chiropractic physician who has been in private practice since 1990. He is the founder and past clinic director for a large integrated medical practice located on the campus of Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham Alabama. The clinic was staffed with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and massage therapists. The clinic combined prescription and natural medicines for acute and chronic illnesses. He is the author of 5 books for patients and doctors, including “Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” “Heart Disease What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You,- and “Treating and Beating Anxiety and Depression with Orthomolecular Medicine.”

In 2002 Dr. Murphree sold his medical practice and now maintains a busy solo practice specializing in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, mood disorders, and other chronic illnesses. He can be reached toll free 1-888-884-9577 or at 205-879-2383 His website is at www.treatingandbeating.com For more on fibromyalgia-




Doing A Corporate Culture Survey

Most corporate culture surveys are not as effective as they could be. This article will help you to optimize your success and use the results to improve your corporate culture.

Start with Your Goals

When embarking upon a corporate culture survey project, you must start with the end in mind. What is your purpose in doing a corporate culture survey? Do you want to improve the corporate culture? If so, why? What are the main challenges that your company is facing? Do you have a good understanding of what corporate culture is? If not, I encourage you to read Understanding Corporate Culture.

I recommend that you narrow down your goals to three major goals that you would like to accomplish. Examples would include: 1) reduce employee turnover; 2) improve product delivery time; and 3) increase profitability. It is best to set quantitative goals. Even though you cannot quantify your corporate culture, it is the container for all of your results and has a direct and indirect impact on these results. By setting quantitative goals, you will be able to measure the results of your efforts by doing annual or bi-annual corporate culture surveys.

Be prepared to change your goals. While goal-setting up-front is extremely important, you may learn some things about your company and culture that lead you to re-prioritize your goals. This is fine. Be open and flexible. Try not to forecast the outcome of the survey before you get the results.

Designing a Good Corporate Culture Survey

Once you know what you are trying to accomplish in doing a survey, you can design questions around your goals. But, be careful! Quantum physics has demonstrated that the intentions of a scientist affect the outcome of her experiment. That is why I recommend that you use a survey that has been designed by an outside party. Her or she will not share your biases and the results will be less biased.

Below are the sections that we have included in the Culture Builders Corporate Culture Survey:
1. Company Mission
2. Leadership
3. Corporate Culture
4. Company Values
5. The Work Itself
6. Work Assignments
7. Work Fulfillment
8. Individual Career Development
9. Support, Training, and Coaching
10. Summary Questions

You see that the Culture Builders’ survey covers a broad range of areas. Corporate Culture is only one section. The reason for this is that culture is the container for actions, decisions, and results. You will be able to learn about your culture indirectly by querying the other areas.

Sections 1-9 are quantitative questions and section 10 has open-ended qualitative questions. The quantitative questions can be tracked by time period, which is important. You will be able to recognize trends and be proactive in avoiding a crisis. The qualitative questions will give you lots of insights and useful anecdotes.

In designing the survey, it is essential to obtain personal information from the survey participants that will help you to segment the data. For example, tenure and department are essential pieces of information. Position level may also be useful.

That said, it is critical to keep the survey confidential. People will be more willing to complete the survey and provide honest answers if they are confident that their answers cannot be traced back to them. Use design and technology to keep the answers confidential.

Implementing the Corporate Culture Survey

Make it as easy as possible for people to complete the survey. Use the technology that makes best sense for your company. I have helped companies set up surveys on their intranets and on Lotus Notes.

Set it up so that someone can begin the survey and the partial answers will be saved if they get interrupted. Make a tight timeframe for people to do the survey one week or two weeks if people travel frequently. Send out 48 and 24 hour notices of the surveys deadline.

Getting Good Response to your Corporate Culture Survey

It is important to have the buy-in and support of the leadership team in doing this survey. Spend the time necessary to educate them about corporate culture and your goals for conducting a survey. The leadership team will then advocate for the survey and increase the response rate.

How you present the survey to potential participants is critical to the success of your project. Remember: the survey is confidential so participation is optional. If you only get 70% of people responding to the survey, you will not be able to find out who has not participated.

One of the best ways to ensure 100% participation is to clearly articulate the goals of the survey and share your plan for what you will do with the results. If I believe that you will do good things with the survey results and it will directly improve my life, I am more apt to take the time to do the survey.

What to Do with the Results of your Corporate Culture Survey

The worst thing you can do is to undertake a survey and then do nothing with the results. This is far worse than doing nothing at all. You will raise peoples expectations of life at the company improving and then the results disappear into a black hole. I guarantee that morale will deteriorate.

Set up a company-wide meeting to present and discuss results. Do this within a few weeks of the close of the survey. Use the momentum that you have built up to keep moving towards your goals.

Be as transparent as possible in presenting the results. Dont skew or sugar-coat them. I helped a company do a survey and the internal person who presented the results focused only on the positive and glossed over the negative. People didnt buy it. Be as objective as possible. Try to get someone who is respected and well-liked within the company to present the results. This is far better than having an outside consultant do this. Then the whole company will own the results not an impassionate outside observer.

I recommend setting up three task forces to own the three goals that you have set forth. Try to get volunteers to sit on the task forces. Make the teams a hybrid of different departments and different levels. Set concrete goals and timelines. Make sure that the task forces have the support and resources they need.

What Next

I recommend doing an annual or bi-annual survey to keep your finger on the pulse of the company. Make minor changes to the survey or add questions, but dont change anything significantly or you wont be able to track your results and identify trends.


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